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Project Structure

Work Package WP-1

Project Management

The scope of WP1 is to define the project management structure as well as the rules that ensure the coordination and management of ARESIBO, the IPR protection, the quality assurance, the collaboration between practitioner organisations and the risk management.

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Work Package WP-2

Requirements analysis and pilot use cases

WP2 performs a study on the current state of the art of the ARESIBO technologies and the operational procedures for border security. From a technological perspective, WP2 will analyse the functional and non-functional requirements with respect to the three technological pillars of ARESIBO (Augmented Communications and Sensing / Intelligence / Reality). From a procedural point of view, WP2 will specify the security / data privacy / confidentiality requirements as well as the ethical / legal and social requirements related with ARESIBO.

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Work Package WP-3

Augmented Communication and Sensing for integrated situation awareness

It aims to the development of the first technological pillar of ARESIBO; the Augmented Communication and Sensing. This pillar refers to the development of the communication networks and protocols, the mobile robotic devices and UxVs, the sensing elements and their customization that is needed to achieve integrated situation awareness during border surveillance and monitoring.

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Work Package WP-4

Augmented Intelligence for integrated situation awareness

The goal of WP4 is the development of the second technological pillar of ARESIBO; the Augmented Intelligence. This pillar foresees the implementation of the cloud-based tools and services that will be used by the end-users.

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Work Package WP-5

Augmented Reality for integrated situation awareness

WP5 objectivs are to provide Augmented Reality functionalities and services for implementing and supporting situation awareness for field operations, and C2 centre.

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Work Package WP-6

Integration of ARESIBO platform

WP6 in ARESIBO aims at the integration of the software modules and services implemented in the previous WPs.

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Work Package WP-7

Live trials and assessment

This WP will give a proof of concept and evaluate the proposed system in terms of usability and effectiveness under real conditions. A set of pilots will be performed involving real installations and usage of the system. The aim is to reveal the performance of the platform and validate its behaviour certifying that the prototype meets the defined specifications.

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Work Package WP-8

Dissemination and exploitation

WP8 constitutes the main vehicle for dissemination, communication and impact creation. Tasks are to ensure global community interaction, economic viability and sustainability of the integrated system: (1) establish preservation solutions with a marketable operation of the product and its business case, (2) adapt a business model to ensure the exploitation potential, and (3) contribute to relevant thematic conferences, workshops and publications. Along with business analysis, this will help the consortium to achieve highly measurable impacts of project results.

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Work Package WP-9

Ethics requirements

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.

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