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ARESIBO will purse the assessment and demonstration of the developed platform through a series of project activities scheduled at different instances throughout the project timeline and at different scales. In particular, ARESIBO adopts a three-dimensional validation approach :


1) Validation environment 

The platform will be tested and demonstrated in three different types of environment, land-borders, sea-borders, and mixed environments in four different countries: Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal.


2) Scale of the system 

The second validation dimension refers to the number of modules and systems to be mobilised for testing the ARESIBO architecture. The system will be validated at three different scale levels. Small-scale validation will mobilise the core modules of the ARESIBO architecture demonstrating part of the system capabilities. Medium-scale validation refers to testing all system components both at software and hardware level. Large-scale validations will bring together all ARESIBO modules and external legacy and information sources. 

3) Complexity of scenarios

This dimension depicts the complexity of the system functionalities to be validated at each step. System versions of different complexity will be tested during the scheduled validation events. Testing facilities will be used anytime a new component is installed, providing a realistic test environment.